About us

About us


Becoming a leading company in the field of growing, producing, processing and supplying nutritious nuts from the nature in order to serve a healthy, young community with the premium quality.


Macca VIP is committed to bringing premium nutritious products to the community by our devotion, love and the highest responsibility to human life and society.

Brand Story

Macadamia nut is named as the best nut in the world because of delicious, attractive taste and more than 20 extremely valuable nutrients. Over the past 10 years, this "million dollar" plant has been successfully bred in Vietnam. With special advantages of soil, favorable climatic conditions in Tay Nguyen and Tay Bac, including devoted farmer's care over the years have created excellent quality & nutrient composition “made in Vietnam” products which are comparable to other macadamia nuts in the world.

Currently, the main business of the company is producting and distributing of macadamia nut made in Vietnam with the brand name "Mattiaca". In Italian, the name “Mattiaca” means "The gift of the nature". This is also the mind of Macca VIP wishing to remind customers that each Mattiaca product is a wonderful gift for your health and spirit. Mattiaca brand is expected to welcome the trend of healthy living in the future.

Mattiaca's nuts are elaborately cared about image and brand identity with the desire to give a refreshing and classy experience to customer’s health about a delicious and nutritious meal. Just eating a few nuts per day will be an abundant source of energy for all ages.



In the future, Macca VIP JSC will continue to step up our business resources, bringing Mattiaca nuts to become a premium brand with the proven quality in line with other famous international brands.

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