About us

About us


Becoming a leading company in the field of growing, producing, processing and supplying nutritious nuts from the nature in order to serve a healthy, young community with the premium quality.


Macca VIP is committed to bringing premium nutritious products to the community by our devotion, love and the highest responsibility to human life and society.

Brand Story

Been in love with Macadamia since 2015, an extremely special nut with more than 20 extremely valuable nutrients, known as the queen of nuts. MaccaVIP is saddened by one thing, not only with macadamia but with Vietnamese agricultural products in general when seeing that Vietnam has countless quality agricultural products but does not bring high economic value because it is weak in processing. MaccaVIP was born from developing raw material areas, then raw processing, gradually moving to developing deep processing. The company's current main field of activity is the production and distribution of products made from seeds with the brand name OMIKAMI - Gift from mother earth. In Japanese, the name OMIKAMI means "Sun Goddess". An endless source of light illuminates MaccaVIP's development path. "Nature creates magical gifts, MaccaVIP upgraded it and named it OMIKAMI to give to human health." The OMIKAMI brand is expected to become a product that anticipates the trend of healthy, natural living in the future.


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Macca VIP - OMIKAMI is proud to be the Vietnamese Macca brand. If you have any questions related to Macca VIP products, please contact Macca VIP for advice immediately.

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Macca VIP Joint Stock Company - Apartment OF1- Building S3, Vinhome SkyLake, Pham Hung, My Dinh 1, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Website: https://maccavip.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maccavip/

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