Mattiaca nut and secret for healthy hair

Mattiaca is an extremely valuable nutritional gift from mother nature. In addition, this product also contains a great secret to help women improve their skin and hair.


Not only leading in terms of nutrient content, Mattiaca has a delicious taste which is the material of many dishes such as: bitcuits, cupcake, chocolate, ice cream,etc. The kernel is fat, sweet, crunchy which can make the dish more flavorful and nutritious. The dishes, which use maccadamia, can retain up to 90% of taste and nutrients due to cooking with low heat with the most nature combination.

According to research scientists, each day to eat from 10 to 12 macadamia nuts (equivalent to 30 - 50g) will help women skin smooth and youthful, reduce cholesterol, circulation blood and effective anti-aging. In particular, The nuts add a large amount of calories needed for the body, replacing a snack during the day.


Macadamia oil is very popular in the field of premium cosmetics because it contains about 22% Omega-7 Palmitoleic Acid. Oleic acid plays a role in softening the skin, regenerating skin cells, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Meanwhile, linoleic acid helps to restore the lipid membrane to protect the skin, prevent and reduce skin dehydration, balance skin sebum. Palmitoleic acid is an antibacterial, restorative, burn-in, sunburn or temperature burn. Therefore, Macadamia oil is considered one of the "herbs" for women's skin, preventing and slowing down aging process. It also contains catechin which acts as a free radical antioxidant and antimicrobial agent. It is a substitute, perfect supplement of expensive serum that does not clog the skin. Both oily skin and dry skin can be used.

The oil is also made into hair care products for example: styling oil, steamed cream, shampoo, hair spray ..., which help protect hair from harmful UV rays and improve Improves elasticity and gloss of hair.

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