Privacy policy

Partners signing Macca Vip cooperation agreements must comply with the following security terms:

- Excellent security for all information including but not limited to product sales plans, market research, promotional campaigns, sales data, marketing activities, accounting and statistical data , reporting, and other activities of the two parties at all times.

- Do not disclose to any third party or anyone about any or all confidential information, except for its employees who need to know confidential information to conduct related activities. to the contract.

- In case any party finds out that disclosure of information related to the other party affects or causes damage to that party, the affected party has the right to consider the agreement or even unilaterally terminate the agreement. copper if the damage is significant. The party disclosing information will be responsible for reimbursing all damage caused to the other party.


Agent registration

By becoming a Macca VIP agent, you have the opportunity to distribute a potential product with attractive price and perfect support service.

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