Each OMIKAMI product contains its own messages and meanings, representing an absolute commitment to product quality and dedicated care to each customer.


Each OMIKAMI product contains its own messages and meanings, representing an absolute commitment to product quality and dedicated care to each customer.

OMIKAMI herbal seed milk provides good energy for diabetics and supplements essential minerals 

  1. 100% natural ingredients:
    -Ingredients: Lotus seeds, cashews, almonds, green beans, soybeans,...

    - OMIKAMI nut milk (650g) supplements 28 essential vitamins and nutrients for the body.

2.Uses of OMIKAMI Nut milk for diabetics

- Stabilize blood sugar, minimize diabetes complications

- Helps increase resistance

-Replaces snacks and supplements daily diets lacking micronutrients, providing energy for people with diabetes.

- Helps eat and sleep well, reduces insomnia and nocturia in diabetics

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Macca seeds are packaged in Zip bags, vacuum sealed.


Macadamia nuts 500g have been roasted and dried, ensuring a delicious and delicious natural flavor. Macadamia nuts are dried and cracked naturally. When eating, you need to use the available iron spoon to separate the nuts to get the kernel.

Suitable for the need to use Macca nuts in large quantities at once, such as picnics or food preparation.

OMIKAMI- Roasted salted cashews 500g can

OMIKAMI Salt Roasted Cashews are 100% standard salt roasted cashews from Binh Phuoc

  • The seeds are large, firm, wood-roasted and 100% chemical-free.
  • All products have clear origins,
  • Binh Phuoc cashew products as gifts are the perfect combination of the essence of the OMIKAMI brand.
  • has met food hygiene and safety standards at the Department of Health.

OMIKAMI's products are trusted by many large domestic and foreign units, so customers can use them with peace of mind.

OMIKAMI- Dried Fruits 500g can

Plastic Drying (Heat Drying) is the use of high temperatures to dry the product in a drying chamber so that the product can evaporate moisture.

The main principle of the heating drying process (plastic drying) is that the drying chamber is maintained at a temperature of 50 - 70oC, equivalent to the temperature of drying the product in the sun. At that time, the water vapor in the product begins to evaporate and the product will gradually dry. At a certain dryness, the product is cooled and packaged.

Heat-dried products (Flexible-drying) do not use frying oil or dipping in oil, so there is absolutely no oil absorption or caramelization phenomenon. After drying, the product still retains its softness, flexibility, natural flavor and is not brittle like vacuum sublimation drying.


OMIKAMI super grain granola with 5% oats and nutritious nuts. The accompanying dried fruits are separated so that customers can use them more easily.

Granola is very beneficial for health.

Rich in vitamins such as vitamins A and E to help prevent aging for the skin, bones, eyesight, and better functioning of the immune system.

Minerals and contains healthy unsaturated fats because the main ingredients are oats and nutritious seeds.

This is a great source of energy for the body.

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