Vietnam’s climate – Convenient for planting Macca trees


Macca is a “million-dollar tree” that bring enormous profit to a nation but not any country has an appropriate climate to plant Macca tree. And Vietnam is one of the luckiest country that is favored by mother nature with a suitable climate and land to plant Macca tree. This article will bring you more details about this!


Vietnam’s climate – Convenient for planting Macca trees


What climate do Macca tree need?

First of all, let’s find out necessary climate for Macca tree to grow and how Vietnam’s climate suitable for planting this tree. According to research, the condition for Macca to grow are:

  • Temperature: 

Macca is suitable to plant at the land that has the temperature between 12 and 32 Celcius degree and the optimal temperature is between 20- 25 Celcius degree for Macca to grow strongest. In the gap phase, it needs the temperature between 18-21 Celcius degree. If the living condition is lower than 12 Celcius degree or higher than 21 Celcius degree, the tree can’t produce flowers.

Macca also has a good cold tolerance, a nurseling can handle the -4 Celcius degree cold and for the grown tree this could be -6 Celcius degree. It is capable of heat resistance up to 40 Celcius degree. Consequently, growing in rainy area should not be a problem. But to ensure the production of fruit and a high conductivity, this kind of tree requires 18-21 Celcius degree.

  • Rain volume:

At least 1200mm per year and  the maximum rate is 1500-2500mm per year max evenly distributed.

  • Land:

Macca tree is suitable to be planted on many kinds of land but it requires a 70cm thick soil and plentiful organic matter, high drainage capacity, not to clay and loose with the pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

  • Height:

Macca is suitable in the area that 300-1200m higher than sea level and appropriate to flat land, low slope.

  • Wind:

Macca tree with high canopy and huge body but the root is shallow plug into dirt so it cannot bear with strong wind.


Vietnam’s climate – Convenient for planting Macca trees


So how does Vietnam’s climate suitable for planting Macca tree?

Therefore, Macca tree requires to live and grow with high conductivity in a place that has appropriate coldness and doesn’t have drizzle in spring, and also is has to be dry. According to these analysis, we can see that Vietnam’s climate condition featuring North West and Tay Nguyen that have elevation about 550 meters above sea level, ensure every condition to plant Macca tree.

And Vietnam has succeed in planting Macca since 1944 in Ba Vi, Dak Lak, Phu Tho and Son La. All the results shown that we have full potential of planting this special tree.

Associate professor Phd. Tuan affirm : “Thanks to topographic condition and many different climate conditions between area, North West and Tay Nguyen are the most suitable place to plant Macca tree”. In addition, considering about acreage matter, according to the data of Planning Investigation Forest Institute’s from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tay Nguyen has 400000 ha and North West has 40000 ha of acreage that suitable for planting Macca.


Vietnam’s climate – Convenient for planting Macca trees


There’s a good sign that Macca seed productivity in Vietnam is astonishing, 20kg of seed per each tree (just lower than America with 29kg/tree). The productivity of Macca tree in Vietnam will be 3ton/ha with an average value of 3.5USD/kg that would bring 200-250 milion dong per ha for farmers.

And according to Associate professor Phd.Tuan, the need of Macca seed is rising day by day due to the multi-use with high nutrition value of this seed. The world market will need 220000 tons of core which means 650000 tons of seed in 2020, but provider can only satisfy 20-25% of the need.

So Vietnam with an advance climate in planting Macca tree need to improve and pursue suitable plan to ensure the growth and productivity of it. Featuring macca seed of North West and Tay Nguyen. Anthropomorphically, with the merit of climate and soil, in the future of cultivation, manufacture and  process macca seed in Vietnam will grow stronger and stronger day by day! 

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