What are highlights of high class Macca Macadamia nuts of Macca VIP ?


Macca VIP is one of the pioneering units for Vietnamese macadamia nut processing industry. So what makes Macadamia nuts of Macca VIP more prominent than other common products on the market. Some of the sharing presented in the following article will help you find the correct answer!


What are highlights of high class Macca Macadamia nuts of Macca VIP ?


What makes Macadamia nut products of Macca VIP stand out

Macca VIP is a leading and prestigious professional Macca seed production facility in Vietnam. With the Mattiaca brand of Macca VIP, Macadamia is a quality gift aimed at consumers' health. Compared to the Macca grain products on the market, Mattiaca of Macca VIP possesses many outstanding advantages as follows:

- Each product is carefully selected with sizes from 25mm upwards.

- As a product of Macca nut with intact shells, the grain quality is clearly verified.

- Macca VIP commits to high quality products and does not occur any deterioration or mold as unidentified products on the market.

- Each macadamia nut is applied according to the special process of seed separation technology and sufficient force. Make sure that when you eat, you only need to use your hands to gently separate without having to use any tools to support the separation.

- Satisfy the quantitative criteria recommended by nutrition experts, so special packaging specifications.

- There are many different sizes for customers to choose to suit their needs such as 240g, 450g or 480g.

- Mattiaca products not only ensure the quality of nutrition inside but also are externally polished with luxurious images, eye-catching packaging suitable as gifts for their relatives, friends and superiors.


What are highlights of high class Macca Macadamia nuts of Macca VIP ?


Eating Macadamia seeds of Macca VIP will bring special benefits

When using Mattiaca of Macca VIP ensure that it will bring great benefits to our health:

- Support for cardiovascular protection: According to research materials in Macca kernel with oil content up to 78% and in oil, up to 87% are unsaturated fatty acids with many types that the human body cannot synthesize by itself. So when eating Macca seeds will help prevent arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular protection effectively.

- Health care for pregnant women and fetuses: Because inside Mattiaca nuts contains many vitamins, Omega 3, minerals ... so extremely beneficial for pregnant women as well as children.

- Health care for young children: Inside Macca seeds also contain a variety of good oils for health, many minerals, vitamins, omega ... So will help children have a better appetizer and more appetite.

- Suitable for dieters: Because macadamia seeds contain moderate fat content, they will promote satiety and prolong the feeling of fullness. Because of that, eating a moderate amount of macadamia nuts helps support safe weight loss.


What are highlights of high class Macca Macadamia nuts of Macca VIP ?


- Very good for diabetics: Macadamia nuts are also known for the advantages of slowing digestion and low blood sugar index. With ingredients like fiber, fat and protein in macadamia nuts will help stabilize blood sugar and avoid cravings for sugar.

- Additional fiber: Inside Macadamia nuts of Macca VIP contains a lot of fiber, according to the study results, every 100g Macca will provide up to 8.6g or 23% of the recommended daily fiber. Adding macadamia nuts with lots of fiber will promote bowel motility, protect the digestive system effectively.

- Used in cuisine: Because macca nuts with fat, sweet, crispy taste, it also helps processing for dishes more attractive.

- Support skin, hair and nail beautification: If you eat a lot of Mattiaca, it will also provide the content of omega 7 palmitoleic. This medicinal god not only take care of the sisters to have beautiful and smooth skin but also make hair and nails stronger.

It can be affirmed that high quality Macadamia seeds of Macca VIP will bring great value to human health. Contact us now if you need to buy Macadamia nuts or consult your related issues!

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