Agency policy

With the goal of bringing high quality products to consumers, MACCA VIP develops a network of distributors and agents nationwide, with the following policies to support agents:

- MACCA VIP is a unit directly planting, manufacturing and trading including all types of sale wholesale and retail online and offline. In particular, the form of developing distributors and agents is given top priority.

- Market: Domestic and export.
- When you become an agent of MACCA VIP, you will be provided with all the documents including:

+ Catalog basic information about the Company, about the products.

+ Legal papers related to the product.

+ Price list including agent price, suggested retail price, output applied to each agent level.If price changes, MACCA VIP will notify and send a new price quotation at least 15 days in advance.
+ Product photos and videos (studio + reality).

+ Official support channels belonging to MACCA VIP system.

- MACCA VIP currently owns the trademark MATTIACA - PREMIUM VIETNAMESE MACADAMIA. MATTIACA products are taken care from the inside to outside. With the brand identity is designed sophisticatedly with eye-catching motifs bring a sense of luxury but still very friendly. Each product is packed carefully, on product packaging with logo, brand name, website address, headquarters address, phone number ... of MACCA VIP.

For large orders as gifts, we have a professional design team, ensuring to meet the packaging requirements of your partners.


*** Commitment to distribution principles:

- MACCA VIP is committed to applying the principle of one-level distribution - that is, distributed to an agent, absolutely do not distribute the same product to the agent's agent.

*** However, the business area is free, so there will be cases of overlapping customers, easily causing disputes and conflicts. This is undesirable, so to avoid possible disputes, MACCA VIP requests agents to provide a list of their agents and evidence that they have been supplying them to MACCA VIP. does not work with these entities (providing this list we undertake to use it solely for the principle of single-level distribution). This is optional, agents can provide or not provide. And if a dispute arises, then all three parties will sit down to analyze, compare and discuss in a way that is reasonable and mutually beneficial.

*** About business methods:
- If an agent does not take the MACCA VIP brand to do business, that agency decides the selling price to suit the position, position and way of doing its business.
- If any agent wants to do business on MACCA VIP brand, the selling price must be equal to the listed price of MACCA VIP, but the agent has the right to apply promotions, discounts according to their own policies and strategies. yourself.
- There are two types of agency cooperation that MACCA VIP is applying: Exclusive and non-exclusive
+ If exclusive cooperation, the two sides will work together, agree and all terms will be specified in the exclusive supply contract. (In case of monopoly business agents, it will be unified on monopoly areas and have imposed revenue and be more preferential in price);
+ If the cooperation is not exclusive, MACCA VIP has the right to provide units and individuals who want to get MACCA VIP products to sell or redistribute. However, MACCA VIP commits dealers to take the same product within a distance of at least 1km. (This applies to new agents)



1. Price policy:

- As an agent of MACCA VIP, MACCA VIP will send the product price list including retail price and discount on the price list. Prices listed on the price list and on official channels of MACCA VIP are prices without VAT 10% and shipping.
2. Delivery time:

- If the goods are available in stock, delivery within 24 hours with delivery locations in the inner city of Hanoi, the case in other provinces depends on the shipping partner's schedule.

- If out of stock or according to customer samples, delivery time will be agreed upon by order.
3. Return of goods:

- In case of detecting that the quality of goods is not as committed in the contract of error due to the manufacturer or shipping, the agent immediately notify MACCA VIP to find ways to handle and return new goods.
Implementation steps and handling:

- When detecting the loss, damage of goods, the agent takes a picture of the whole and the damage details then send feedback immediately to MACCA VIP to coordinate handling.
- If MACCA VIP is in stock, it will send new products to the agent immediately after receiving the agent's response.
- If MACCA VIP is out of stock, it will notify the Agent of the new delivery deadline.

In case of agents outside Hanoi area:

With agents outside Hanoi and Dak Lak, it is often difficult to control the quality of goods during transportation and handling, leading to high risk of goods. With these agents MACCA VIP has the following special policy:

- Return the exchange for new products damaged due to shipping errors. Agents bear the return shipping costs to the factory, MACCA VIP bears the shipping costs to the agent warehouse.

4. Payment:

- For the first two orders: 100% payment before delivery.
- For the 3rd order onwards:
+ If payment after delivery, apply the discount rate as in the agent price list, and the agent must also deposit at least 50% of the value of the order in advance;
+ If paying before delivery, agents discounted 0.5% more than the discount in the agent price list;
- Debt for each agent at any time does not exceed 20% of the order value.
- At the end of each month, MACCA VIP will collate the debts arising from orders in the month and information to agents via forms (email, phone ...). for reconciliation and confirmation. The due date is from the 1st to the 5th of the following month.

5. Late payment processing:

- If due, the agent has not yet fully paid the arising debts of the previous month, the interest will be calculated. % interest rate will be applied at VCB Bank at the time of arising.

- At the same time, if the second debt collation has not yet been fully settled by the agent, MACCA VIP will suspend delivery of new orders.
- In case, an agent that happens to pay debts twice is not on time, MACCA VIP has the right to apply 100% payment before delivery for the next orders.


1. Support on PR - Marketing.

- Your agent is provided with information about prices, goods, products and policies of MACCA VIP, marketing programs, sales promotion documents.

- Your agent will be supported on display samples + advertising poster bats + sample trial (if any)
- Your agent will be granted a certificate of agent, official distributor when eligible, enjoy greater incentives, advertised on the official information channels of MACCA VIP.

- Periodically, your agent will be able to participate in training courses on sale, marketting, management ... to help improve knowledge and skills.
- Your business agent on the brand MACCA VIP will be supported in terms of brand identity, sign board costs ... (this cost will be agreed specifically for each agent).
- Your agent will be transferred to collaborators by MACCA VIP, introducing customers near the area for customers to buy.
2. Support for goods.

- Exchange: Within 07 (seven) days from delivery. Your agent will be replaced with a new one if the product has an error with the manufacturer. In case, in the warehouse of MACCA VIP out of stock to change for agents, MACCA VIP will notify and determine the time of exchange as soon as possible.
- Return goods: In the case of goods, prices are not in accordance with the purchase agreement, your agent has the right to return the goods to MACCA VIP. The return of goods is done within 7 days from the date of issuing the invoice and signing the delivery note.

If you need more information, please contact 0983 277 696 (Ms Nga) or 0974 660 240 (Ms Giang) for further advice.

We are looking forward to working together with you Agents to exchange business opportunities, develop together strong.

Best regards!

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By becoming a Macca VIP agent, you have the opportunity to distribute a potential product with attractive price and perfect support service.

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