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Being the most nutritious dry nut in nature, Macadamia nut is named as the premium gift for health.
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Mattiaca is a product of Macca VIP Joint Stock Company, which is grown, harvested and processed in the mountainous provinces of the Northwest of Vietnam. With a special advantage of soil and climatic conditions, Macadamia nut - Mattiaca is evaluated with high nutritional value in the international market. Mattiaca is dried with a special process to retain the delicious natural taste. This is a gilf from the nature for health, bringing a source of abundant energy for all ages.

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Macadamia is not only good for babies and pregnant women because it helps boost the immune system, supplementing energy and brain. Eating these nuts...
Chaing the planting structure is a common problem between provinces with agriculture industry. In the degraded lands of Dien Bien, macadamia trees...
We always look forward to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to a wider international market, MACCA VIP's Macadamia nuts brand is proud to have a...

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