Excellent benefit of Macadamia in Vietnam - Mattiaca

Mattiaca is the first product grown, harvested, packaged and processed in Vietnam with excellent quality and nutritional value. Let's find out what the health benefits of Mattiaca nuts are!


Mattiaca nuts have oil content upto 78%, higher than peanut (44.8%) and cashew nuts (47%) ... Although containing high oil content, but over 87% of that oil are unsaturated fatty acids which the human body can not synthesize. Using macadamia nuts frequently will help reduce cholesterol in the body, prevent arteriosclerosis. In addition, the protein content of Mattiaca is up to 9.2%, including 20 kinds of essential amino acids for the body, helping the blood vessel walls active flexiblely. The antioxidants in macadamia also bring a lot of benefits to the heart.


Mattiaca nuts are roasted and packaged in accordance with international standards and are strictly controlled so that they do not reduce the minerals, vitamins, omega-3.etc which are beneficial for pregnant women and children. A macadamia disk will provide an abundant source of energy with twice as much calories as other nuts. For kids, besides the fiber, vitamins and minerals needed, the delicious taste and the convenience of the roasted Mattiaca nuts will give the children an excellenct snack after hours at school, picnics or weekends.


Macadamia "Queen of nuts" is recommended as an indispensable component of most diets and weight loss. This nut has a moderate fat content that promotes the feeling of fullness longer but still delicious. When using macadamia abstemiously, replacing other foods, these do not cause you to gain weight but also help to reduce and maintain weight.

Beneficial for diabetics, high blood pressure

Protein, fiber and fat in macadamia help stabilize blood glucose level in order to avoid feeling “craving sweet”, so it is benefit for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.


Fiber, also known as carbonhyrate, is resistant to digestive enzymes in the stomach, so they enter the intestinal tract and promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. 100g macadamia nut provide about 8.6g of fiber, accounting for 23% of the body's daily fiber requirement.

Not only having delicious and nutritious kernel, macadamia shell contains a lot of tannin and protein, used in tanning technology and animal feed processing. Macadamia nuts are fat, sweet, crispy, neutralizing spices to add extra bold. Mattiaca roasted with greasy flavor, characteristic aroma, used to eat directly or processed foods such as cakes, chocolate, drinks, salat ... are great.

In 100g Macadamia kernel contains up to 0.92g of vegetable protein. This protein contributes to healthy hair, not split ends, discoloration and help skin smooth and rosy when used regularly.

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