Macadamia – Dien Bien’s hopeful approach to eradicating poverty and hunger


Chaing the planting structure is a common problem between provinces with agriculture industry. In the degraded lands of Dien Bien, macadamia trees are hoped to eradicate poverty and hunger.


Macadamia – Dien Bien’s hopeful approach to eradicating poverty and hunger


Starting with the first-gen Macadamia

With the goal of restoring the forests by transforming and utilizing natural resources such as bare hills, which in turns help us start planting different trees serving different purposes to stay eco-friendly while creating economic values and job opportunities.

Compared to other agricultural lands, Dien Bien has the suitable soil for this particularly “picky” Macadamia tree. The soils here are typically chernozems, oxisols or alluvial soils that are fertile and rich which help with the macadamia’s growth immensely. This tree is capable of growing in tough soil that are either coarse, medium-textured, or loose having the acidity ranging from 5.5 – 6.5 on the pH scale but not in acidic, saline, flooded or severely degraded soil .

The climae here is also quite favorable: cold in the winter with some drizzles in the spring. The macadamia trees will prepare to bloom at night in the ideal temperature of 18 - 21 degrees. Outside of this range, the trees struggles with blooming at all. It has the ability to withstand the cold in the mountains as low as - 4 degrees and the heat of 40 degrees at the maximum.

Many types of macadamia with amazing growth such as OC, 508 and H2 are going through trials. In a recent survey, all of macadamia trees grown in Dien Bien have a survivability rate of 98% and 100% fruition rate.


Macadamia – Dien Bien’s hopeful approach to eradicating poverty and hunger


Eradicating poverty and hunger

Macadamia are sold on the market at 250,000 – 300,000 VND per kilogram and usually used as seeds. Each hectare of macadamia houses around 360 trees which can be harvested at the 5th year, averaging 5 tonnes of macadamia when they reach 9 years of age. If sold at 120,000 VND per kilogram, 1 hectare can bring an economic value of 600 million VND, 6 to 7 times that of coffee while being easier to tend to and having cheaper planting costs.

Additionally, intercropping coffee and macadamia by planting coffee beneath in the shades of macadamia trees’ canopies helps increase the overall value of both trees. For this reason, Dien Bien government is having high hopes of the economic value brought by the macadamia. They consider this tree the primary factor towards changing planting structurally, instead of relying solely on coffee trees in the past.

While profitable in the agriculture industry, the consumer demand for macadamia world-wide is worth mentioning. Being beneficial for your heart, providing energy, vitamins and minerals, this particular nut is getting increasing more sought after and being regarded as The Queen of Nuts. You can either enjoy the nuts as they are or use them as cooking/cosmetic ingredients. However, the supply can only satisfy 25% of the demands world-wide. There’s close to more than 190 countries not having enough macadamia to meet the demands. Macadamia has a huge potential in the consumer markets. What’s more, Vietnam – or Dien Bien specifically, is one of the few places that’s advantaged to grow them.

By that time, Tay Nguyen, Northwest of Vietnam or Dien Bien’s macadamia exports will be highly profitable, bringing from 2,000 to 3,000 USD for each hectare a year. This will help cities stabilize the economy, eradicating poverty and hunger in many areas while preserving the ecosystem.


Macadamia – Dien Bien’s hopeful approach to eradicating poverty and hunger


Macca VIP – turning hope into our strength and advantage

Utilizing the climate and outstanding land of Dien Bien and Dak Lak (Tay Nguyen), with the help of advanced Australia roasting and manual peeling technologies, Macca VIP JSC’s products are always up to standards and guaranteed delivery of top tier quality. No need to import, going through customs declaration or being tested for quality. The nuts are harvested right here in the country to make sure they are refresh and delicious while maintaining a rich taste at the hands of Macca VIP’s consumers.

Contact information:

Macca VIP Joint-Stock Company - 88 Lang Ha, Dong Da, HN

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