Macadamia is a special plant that supplies the most nutritious dry nut in the world. Although the survival rate after germination is up to 90%, but in the harvest season, just over 35 degrees Celsius, the nuts fall soon. With favorable soil conditions and special climatic conditions, the two best area for planting macadamia in Vietnam are the Tay Bac and the Tay Nguyen.

The area in the world is about 80.000 ha including Australia, China, Thailand, Hawaii and Vietnam. Although imported from abroad, this plant has quickly adapted to the soil and climate conditions of Dak Lak, Lam Dong (Da Lat), Dien Bien (Tay Bac).

As a pioneer in bringing Vietnamese macadamia nuts to consumers, Macca VIP Joint Stock Company has been established and rapidly invested to develop the process of harvesting and processing macadamia nuts following the international standards. This process is closely monitored to ensure that the macadamia nuts which grown, handled and harvested in Vietnam own excellent quality, in the line with other brand name in the international market.

Macadamia in Vietnam is still a relatively new economic plant, but its nutritional content, flavour and yield are highly evaluated in comparison with other countries. MacaVIP's cultivation and production of macadamia nuts is not only aimed at supplying to the Vietnamese market but also towards export to neighbor countries. For the comparison between macadamia in the world and Vietnam, we can look at the following criteria:


There is no difference in the quality of the nuts grown in Australia (hometown of macadamia) and in Vietnam. However, due to the progress in science and technology, the macadamia yield in Australia is often more stable and more seasonal.


Australian macadamia nut size are littlely more uniform than the same varieties currently cultivated in Vietnam. In the long term, however, this can be improved by the fact that most of the macadamia in Vietnam is young, aged 5 to 10 years.


Imported macadamia nuts from Australia have to undergo complex import procedures, leading to higher prices compared with cases in Vietnam in general and Mattiaca in particular. With Mattiaca nuts, harvesting, processing and packaging processes are carried out on a modern production line, producing similar quality products but with much lower prices than imported items. The advantages of climate, soil conditions and cheaper labor costs in Vietnam are as well as the impact factors that create a stable supply of quantity and price. Prices of Mattiaca nuts are often lower than imported species from Australia, USA from tens of thousands to 100 thousand per kg.

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